In Loving Memory...

Ra Tem was born in West Indies, Trinidad and was raised by his grandmother.  In Trinidad he practiced what he called, “Spiritual Baptism” which was a combination of Christianity and African spiritual mysticism.  

He moved to America for a better life in 1979 for his family and quickly became involved with the Black political movement under the teachings of Dr. Clark, a well-known historian and Black Advocate in Harlem, NY.  It was in America that he became exposed to the Kemetic Philosophy. He studied with the Rosicrucian and the Asar Aset Society before finally finding a home with the Temple of Aset in 1998 under the leadership of Dr. Muata Ashby and Dr. Karen Ashby.  Ra Tem became an avid student and eventually became a Uab (priest of purification) in the Temple of Aset.  He led a group in New York before moving to Charlotte, NC to help start what is now known as the Temple of Amun where he served as Head Priest. 

Through his life journey, Ra Tem trained many in the Kemetic disciplines such as meditation, Yoga (Thef Neteru) and the Kemetic philosophy (wisdom teachings). He was beloved by all and a faithful follower of Dr. Muata Ashby and the teachings of Shetaut Neter. He transitioned into the light on May 26, 2017 after surviving a 14 year battle with cancer.  He is also the author of "Amun, the Breath of Life" and "The Offering."